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Increase your liability
for special situations

Not sure whether you need an umbrella.  It is highly likely that you do.  Protect your existing personal assets or any future assets you aspire to gain from being lost due to a lawsuit involving an automobile accident or an accident at your home.  

Provide Extra Protection

No, it's not insurance for an actual umbrella. Personal Umbrella Insurance helps increase your liability limits when you are at an increased risk. Do you have a pool or trampoline at your house? Chances of injuries being caused on your property then may be higher than usual, meaning increased liability limits can help you cover medical expenses. Car sharing occupations also may need umbrella insurance to help cover additional medical expenses occurring in a crash. Not sure if you need it? Talk with us, and we can help you evaluate!

Driving Lesson
Examples of high risk situations
  • Pools

  • Trampolines

  • Large Staircases

  • Teenage Drivers

  • Dogs (dog bites)

  • Employ a maintenance crew

  • Frequent traveler

Start Your Quote

Your team at Customized Insurance Brokers is happy to help you navigate Umbrella Insurance.

Whether it is only $1 million in coverage you need or $10 million, we can make sure you have enough coverage.
Peace of Mind begins with having everything covered!

What policies do you currently have?

Want to talk this over with us first? Give our office a call at 770-755-1775.

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