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The Best Worker's Compensation in Georgia

Customized Insurance Brokers is proud to offer Worker's Compensation insurance with the best rates and coverage available in Georgia. By having the ability to write with many different insurance companies, we can help ensure you have the best coverage and rates possible to protect your employees. The state of Georgia requires businesses to have worker's compensation even if you only have part-time employees. Let us help you feel confident in your policies!

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What is an independent agent?

An independent agent is someone who can write insurance through many different insurance companies (Nationwide, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, etc.). This means that instead of having your hands tied by one company's coverage and rates, an independent agent can search the marketplace for the best prices and policies that match your budget!

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Frequently asked questions

Worker's Compensation

Do I have to have worker's compensation insurance?

The state of Georgia requires that all businesses have worker's compensation if you have employees, even if they are just part time. Do you have independent contractors and aren't sure if your situation still requires you to have insurance? Give our agency a call and we can help evaluate the situation for you!

How much does worker's compensation insurance cost?

Worker's compensation insurance can change based on how many employees you have, what type of business you run and the risk associated with it, and how much protection you want to give your employees. Talk with us today to get a comprehensive plan in place that covers your business type specifically!

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