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Insurance based on usage and custom work

Customize Your Insurance

Motorcycle insurance can vary greatly based on what sort of motorcycle you have and what its purpose is. For example, a Harley that you use to drive across the country is very different than a dirtbike used by the family in the back woods. Motorcycle insurance will be customized to usage, custom work done on the bike, and add-ons such as travel interruption can even be added. Talk with the team at Customized Insurance Brokers about your biking habits to see how we can help.

Motorcycle Stunt
  • Medical Coverage

  • OEM Parts

  • Stated Value Coverage

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Trip Interruption

  • Carried Contents

  • Custom Parts, equipment, and accessories

  • And so much more... 

Start Your Quote

Your team at Customized Insurance Brokers is happy to help you navigate Motorcycle Insurance. Peace of Mind begins with having everything covered!

Want to talk this over with us first? Give our office a call at 770-755-1775.

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