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Commercial Auto Insurance for all of Fayette County and Georgia

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Keep Your Cars On The Road

Commercial Auto Insurance comes in many shapes and sizes, ranging from trucking on major highways to food trucks downtown. Each of these businesses is tied together by the same idea, your vehicles are the way you keep your business running. Because of that, protection for any damage they cause, or caused to them can be a major impact on your operations. Commercial auto can help ensure that the cost to keep your vehicles on the road doesn't stop you from growing.

Food Truck
Common Coverages

There are so many types of Commercial Auto that it's hard to list all the possibilities, but some of the most common coverages include:

  • Cost of repairs

  • Property Damage

  • Bodily Injury

  • Operation Interruption

  • Loss of equipment

Let the team at Customized Insurance Brokers assess your situation and find the best insurance companies and rates for you!

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Customized Insurance Brokers has decades of experience providing commercial auto insurance coverage to every type of business ranging from lawn care, landscapers, excavation companies, over the road truckers, and so many more.

Tell us about your business and we will find the perfect combination of coverage for your needs.

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Other Common Coverages
Open for Business

Business Owner's


The first step to covering your business. Talk with us for an evaluation today!

Business Meeting

Coverage for your business's property and operations.

General Liability

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Errors & Omissions

Everyone makes mistakes, make sure you are protected when it happens.

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