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4 Quarantine DIYs You’ll Actually Enjoy

Tired of being stuck at home during the quarantine? Here are some fun and easy DIY quarantine crafts for adults that you can do at home! Our favorite DIY projects are the ones that add to your aesthetic, so we’ve highlighted four of the easiest crafts that will actually make your décor look nicer! What’s even better is that you’ll only need (at maximum) three types of supplies, which are everyday-items like wine corks (any type of cork will work), paint, and cardboard. These are all low-stress, straightforward projects for anyone to enjoy!

Quarantine Cardboard Art

(Supplies: Cardboard + Craft Paint/Markers)

One of the easiest and most versatile crafts, cardboard art is really only limited by your imagination! Use leftover boxes to create intricate (or simple), vibrant art displays that compliment your home. If you like this example pictured above from Sister’s Suitcase, simply cut the cardboard into shapes and paint/color them as you like.

Wine Cork Vases

(Supplies: Wine Corks + Glass Vase)

Wine consumption has gone up over the quarantine period, so why not put those wine corks to good use! This is a much craftier and more aesthetically please way to save your corks, and it’s super simple. To make your vase look like the one above from, just glue them to a rectangular tall glass vase. You can also buy recycled corks if you don’t have your own stash.

Fabric Art Decorations

(Supplies: Wood Frame + Fabric + Letter Stickers)

Need to change up your wall art? You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy decoration! Grab your kids (or your spouse) and some of your favorite fabric for this fun DIY. Cut the fabric to fit a frame (or leave as is for a large modern statement piece) and layer on top of other fabric or add some sticker letters for inspirational quotes HGTV has an excellent tutorial HERE on how to get creative with this craft!

Patterned Serving Tray

(Supplies: Old Tray + Pretty Paper + Paint)

Really you can use any flat item like an old baking sheet, this DIY hack will take whatever you choose to the next level! Grab some cool wrapping paper or leftover paint to create a one of a kind service tray guaranteed to impress any post-quarantine houseguest! A quick tip: make sure to cover your paint or paper with some sort of seal to ensure a long-lasting design.

These tips will help you spruce up your home and fight off that terrible quarantine boredom. Post your DIY projects on Facebook and tag us in it! We’d love to see what you are accomplishing during this shelter-in-place period.


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