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How to Avoid At-Home Burnout

How to Avoid At-Home Burnout

More and more companies are adopting a permanent work remote policy, affording us a greater ability to multitask. However, this opportunity brings different expectations about our productivity and how it’s measured; often we are expected to produce greater results in shorter timeframes, and we all know how stressful this can make work. With a higher than usual workload and less time to accomplish tasks, many stay at home workers report higher rates of burnout. Here’s how you can avoid burnout and revitalize yourself!

Take Some “You Time" Every Day

One of the best ways to maintain focus in your home-turned-work environment is to establish a routine! Set aside a few minutes in the morning to plan out your day, prioritizing tasks with upcoming deadlines. Break down these tasks into smaller, more manageable steps to help motivate yourself and give yourself a sense of accomplishment. This way you’ll feel like you’re making meaningful progress towards your goals.

Find the Work that Energizes You

Going back to your list of tasks, make sure there’s at least one that gets you excited! Maybe you get to help design a new digital ad, or maybe talk to your favorite customer! If we’re honest, it helps to have multiple fun tasks to break up the monotony of the day. Be sure to loop your boss in to make sure the tasks you’ve prioritized align with your department/company’s focus.

Build in Rewards

You can’t just do the tasks you enjoy and leave the others unfinished. There’s ways to make the work you don’t enjoy as much easier to power through. For example, set up a reward for yourself after the task is completed, like going for a walk with your dog or a yummy snack. This will make it easier to get the more boring tasks done and keep yourself on track to meet your deadlines. Be sure to take stock of what you accomplish each day as well so your to-do list doesn’t keep growing! Once you check things off your list for the day, avoid adding more tasks as this puts you on the fast track to burnout.

Talk to your Boss

Many of us put in longer hours while working remote, and some may use work to escape the stress of the news. If you feel like you need to overwork yourself in order to feel more secure in your job, it is definitely time to talk to your boss. Be honest with how you’re feeling about your current workload and bring up tasks you are having the most difficulty with. It’s important to have an idea of how your boss can support you and help you work through your challenges.

Be Kind to Yourself

You will have off days even during more stable times. It’s important now more than ever to be realistic about feeling unmotivated and to be self-compassionate when they happen. Maybe you’re not as motivated when the weather is gloomy. Focus on tasks you absolutely need to accomplish by the end of the day and give yourself time to be human. Break up your work day by going outside, exercising, or making a fun lunch. Small activities that pull you away from your computer can have a massive impact on your mental health.

We hope this advice helps you find a better balance between work and prioritizing your wellbeing. Working from home gives you great benefits, but it also comes with a different set of demands. It is important that you manage these new expectations and adapt them to your unique workstyle.


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