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Starting a Business while Working

The common myth is that, in order to start your own business, you have to quick your other job or jobs in order to dedicate all of your time to the launch. In fact, starting your own business while continuing to work at your nine-to-five is less risky and can be better for your mental health! You can keep your financial security and full-time income while growing your professional network.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you may be on track to becoming a hybrid entrepreneur like the great Henry Ford! Hybrid entrepreneurs are one third less likely to fail in their small business ventures according to The Hartford, and we’ve got some ideas if you’re not sure what tickles your fancy.

Here are Five Businesses You Can Start on a Part-Time Schedule


You’ve never heard of bookkeeping? According to the Corporate Finance Institute, a bookkeeper is someone who manages all financial data for companies. Many small businesses need bookkeeping help, and you might be able to work from home! If you don’t have any experience, consider taking online courses or pursue a two-year associate degree in bookkeeping or accounting.

Freelance Writer/Editor

One of the easiest businesses to start, you’ll just need writing and/or editing experience, a computer, and reliable internet connection. Many freelance writers get their early work through online channels, like LinkedIn Pro, Contently, and Skyword, but there are many small businesses looking to grow their portfolio of written consumer content.

Personal Trainer

If you already enjoy physical fitness, personal training might be your avenue. Turn your exercise time into your very own business that you can run during evenings and weekends! Remember that it’s safest to get certified in personal training courses before you begin taking on clients, and it will also you’re your liability insurance way cheaper!


Got an eye for photography? Start building your portfolio! Pull from your personal shots or offer your friends and family inexpensive shoots to help you gain experience. One mistake many young photographers make is spending too much money on expensive cameras right off the bat. Do not fall into this trap! Your equipment needs will grow from the photography categories you expand into, so don’t be so quick to limit yourself. As you start to make more money, slowly and deliberately build your equipment inventory, and make sure to include photo-editing software!


Tutoring is a great business for people with a strong drive to teach. If you have strong expertise in a school subject or any other skill, you might want to consider becoming a part-time tutor! is a great place to start and offers a wide variety of academic skills to choose from. If you would like to teach classes on a learned skill that is outside academia, try handing out business cards at local events or at related businesses! Once you find your first clients, word-of-mouth could be the strongest way to build your roster.

We hope these careers inspired you to pursue your passions! Just remember that you don’t need to jump off the deep end and quit your current job in order to grow your own business, all you need is a little bit of patience.


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