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Ways to Save During Quarantine

Saving doesn’t have to mean sacrificing! There are plenty of ways you can cut back on expenses during this shelter-in-place order, and you might even consider implanting some of these activities into your daily routine! Here are five simple ways to cut back on spending.

1. Ditch subscription boxes

We all need some pampering from time to time, but that moment of euphoria you experience after opening a surprise box will not out outweigh the sense of security you get from paying your bills on time. You might need a treat, but the short-term delight isn’t worth the decrease in your bank account. And really, who is using makeup, hair masks, and new clothes right now? Save these expenses for when we all return to our regularly scheduled daily activites.

2. Frugal Dates

Staying at home has not eliminated the need for date night, but it has made doing your usual activities difficult. When dinner and a movie is not an option, get creative about your quality time! Try doing yoga, cooking, or set aside time for a cocktail hour!

3. Plan Your Meals

Staying at home means less opportunities to eat out, which can save you a significant chunk of cash. There is always going to be the temptation of ordering in, however, so planning your meals ahead of time will eliminate any extra spending on food! Use this opportunity to try new recipes, or get your family involved by baking some sweet treats!

4. Cut Back on Clothes

Where are you going that you need a new fancy outfit? Since everyone is stuck inside, there is no reason to spend money on clothing you will not wear. When the shelter-in-place is lifted, you will be able to dress up again and your whole wardrobe will feel like new!

5. Shop Around

We are all so quick to buy the first version of the item we want because of convenience, but maybe that same product is cheaper on a different site! Insurance is no different, our status as an independent agency allows us to offer a wide variety of carriers so our customers get the best policy with uniquely tailored coverage.

Implementing these strategies is not hard, it just takes a few extra moments of planning and some strong willpower to stick to your goals. Prioritizing saving your money can also benefit your mental health by alleviating financial insecurity, so you could say that saving is another way to prioritize selfcare. Let us know which of these tips worked best for you on our Facebook page!


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