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For many of us, our pets are part of the family. Especially during the COVID pandemic, many of us got hours of companionship and entertainment from our pets, and it is important to us to keep them safe and healthy. However, healthcare for pets can be surprisingly expensive. Pet insurance can help cover costs of routine check-ups, surprise surgeries, and everything in between. Some insurance companies only write cats and dogs, while others can cover even more types of animals, so working with an independent insurance agent can be valuable when comparing coverages. 

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Unfortunately, pet insurance is a relatively new line of coverage for many carriers are there are still limitations. Some pets with prexisting conditions (pugs, for example) are excluded from coverage, and many carriers only do domestic cats and dogs.

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Frequently asked questions

Pet & Animal Insurance

What can pet insurance help cover?

Pet Insurance can help cover all kinds of costs related to your animals, including help with routine check-ins, dentals, medication costs, and surgeries. If you have a large dog (100+ lbs), the cost of medication and surgeries can be into the thousands. Having insurance to cover surprise costs if your pet has an injury or a disease can help front the vast majority of the costs.

What pets can be covered under pet insurance?

Right now, the majority of insurance companies only cover domestic dogs and cats, but some companies are able to cover more, such as birds and reptiles. Livestock and farm animals can be covered in separate farm and agribusiness policies, which you can also talk with our agency about.

What is the difference between care credit and pet insurance?

Many verterinarian offices take Care Credit, which is a line of credit specific to healthcare needs for pets and people. It functions the same as a credit card though, where you can put the amount on the card and pay it off over time. Pet insurance, on the other hand, is the insurance company taking the brunt of the cost and you are only left with a co-pay.