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Protection against human error and business practice mistakes

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Everyone Makes Mistakes

Mistakes happen, but sometimes they put your business at risk. Errors & Omission insurance can help protect you against human error when it comes to any sort of accounting, accidental mishandling of money or finances, and more. In the same vein, Customized Insurance Brokers can also assist with Cyber Liability insurance, which offers protection for when your data is compromised, and medical malpractice, which specifically targets workplace accidents in healthcare professions. 

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What kinds of businesses need E&O?
  • Accounting Firms

  • Wealth Managers

  • Private Medical Practice

  • Law Firm

  • Wedding Planner

These are common examples, but E&O covers many more situations including discrimination lawsuits, pollution complaints, and more. Let CIB help evaluate your situation today!

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Customized Insurance Brokers has decades of experience providing insurance coverage to every type of business. Tell us about your business and we will find the perfect combination of coverage for your needs.

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Cyber Liability Insurance

In the age of big data, many businesses have a database of sensitive client information. This information can be crucial for running your business if you need that client data for marketing, analytics, or even daily operations (such as wealth management), but having this data puts you at risk. Cyber attacks have only increased over time, and small businesses are at the highest risk. If your data is compromised, the cost of restoring the data, your hardware, and notifying clients can be incredibly costly and even bankrupt you. ​

If you store client data in any form, today is the day to talk to an insurance agent about a Cyber Liability policy. Don't wait until your data is stolen -- protect yourself now!

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Healthcare Worker with Patient
Medical Malpractice Insurance

Healthcare can be a tricky field, with every patient having different needs and expectations. Sometimes you won't match that expectation, or make a mistake that results in a lawsuit. 

Medical Malpractice insurance helps you with claims of neglect, intentional harm, or poor practice in the courtroom by covering court costs and consultation fees. Similar to E&O, this insurance is meant to help protect you, your employees and your business against error, either intentional or unintentional. If you're not sure whether you need medical malpractice or not, talk to Customized Insurance Brokers today and we can help evaluate your situation.

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Cyber Liability
Medical Malpractice
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