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How to Support Local Businesses

Small businesses always have something for everyone; whether you’re looking for a new wall decoration or unique car decal, small businesses offer a variety of commodities for communities to pick from. They are also a huge driver of our economy with over 30 million small businesses located in the United States.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important for you to support small businesses:

1. They create jobs

2. They give back to the community

3. It keeps money flowing into your neighborhood economy

4. They increase tourism

5. They help you create community relationships

6. Increase your access to diverse products

If you’re not sure how you can support small mom-and-pop shops, we’ve got some tips for you!

1. Use your social media! Sharing your favorite small business’s website on your social media and tagging their social accounts is a great way to increase awareness of local businesses. You can also utilize the comments section to leave glowing reviews and encourage other people to shop there.

2. Leave positive reviews on their website! If you received great service from a small business, go on their website and write about it. Be sure to leave a review on their Google My Business page as well to help their website get more traffic.

3. Cut back on shopping at large chain retailers! Sure, warehouse stores offer a wide selection of products, but shopping with small businesses ensures great quality and better service! Shopping small not only helps mom-and-pop shops, but also contributes to your local economy.

4. Tip extra when you can! Tips are usually expected at . However, giving a little extra can help support small business’ staff and keep them working hard.

5. Stock up things you’ll need later! Buying items you know you will need later is a great way to help sustain businesses through uncertain financial times, like the recent pandemic. If you’re good on groceries, why not buy some early gifts for your family and friends! This is also a quick way to introduce your favorite small business to potential new clients.

This may come as a shock, but large companies like Walmart and Amazon don’t always have the cheapest prices. If you look around at your local stores, you can often find higher quality items for lower prices. The best part about shopping local is seeing the direct impact your purchases have on the community and building new relationships with these mom-and-pop businesses. They work hard to keep you coming back, so they will sometimes offer discounts or special perks for repeat customers!

Keep supporting your local stores, you are helping your neighborhood economy grow and creating lasting relationships with business that care about you. We hope these tips gave you some ideas for ways you can start supporting local businesses today!


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