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Is workers' compensation required in Georgia?

Most states, including Georgia, require workers' compensation coverage for nearly all employers.

The State of Georgia requires most businesses to provide Workers' Compensation Insurance (workers’ comp) to ensure that employees receive fast and fair compensation for injuries or illnesses caused by or received while on the job. Workers’ compensation insurance covers employees’ wages from lost work time, medical care, medication, and more. If the employee or their family files a lawsuit due to an accident or injury, workers’ compensation insurance can help cover related legal fees for your Georgia business. The Hartford offers workers’ compensation insurance to protect your business in the case:

An employee slips on a slick floor at work and requires medical treatment and a few weeks recovery time. An employee gets in a car accident while driving on the company’s behalf and requires a trip to the emergency room.An employee gets a hernia from lifting heavy machinery at work and must have it surgically removed.An employee cuts himself while preparing food for the workplace.

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