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Quick tips for a relaxing vacation

Here’s how you can put the relaxation back in vacation

Family vacations are supposed to be relaxing, so why do they almost always stress us out? Especially with children, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when you’re trying to plan a fun-filled family adventure. The fact of the matter is family vacations take work, so we created a list to help you cut down on the stress of vacationing.

  • Think about what you want to do instead of where you want to go. This will quickly narrow down your list of possible destinations.

  • Make presents for your kids to reward good behavior. Bring inexpensive toys or treats and use them as rewards for good behavior. For every hour your kids behave, they get to open a present. This is sure to keep them occupied during travel.

  • Let your kids choose some the activities, or if you’re feeling brave, involve them in the construction of your itinerary. This keeps them engaged and excited about the vacation.

  • If you’re traveling by car and know you’re in for a long trip, do not shy away from taking breaks! Being in a car for a long time can be hard on kids, and a little walk or stretch never hurt anybody.

  • Nothing is more important than our children, but keeping them safe can sometimes be challenging. Make sure your children know all of the information about where you’re staying and your contact information in case you are separated.

  • Dressing your kids in bright colors is also helpful when you need to find them quickly.

  • Be sure to take a photo of your kids the day you go to do anything, so in case you are separated you have a current photo to show people.

  • Our last tip is don’t try to do too much! Make sure to include down-time in your itinerary and try to keep activities to half a day or less.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee a great vacation. However, these tips are great ways to cut down on the stress of vacation planning.


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